Butterfly Soup Is the Gem Of A Game That You Have To Try

Butterfly Soup is more than a game that you download to play on your computer. You will have a lot of fun playing, but you are doing a little bit more than that. You are actually making sure that you follow along with the story, help make decisions about the story, and complete tasks that make the story move forward. You get an inside look at baseball, four girls having honest conversations about what it is like to grow up, and how relationships can form when people are brought together under the most uncommon of circumstances.

The Basic Story

The story starts out with four girls who are all playing baseball. They have been thrust onto this team and into this world where you find them, and you start to see their relationships form over time. They have a strong bond as four friends, but they also have a strong bond as four girls who can actually talk to each other. As you watch the Indie novel play out; you will find that these girls have much more going on than meets the eye.

The Queer Backstory

The queer acceptance in this game is something that will really strike people who are hoping to find representation in media. These girls do not all fall into LGBT relationships overnight, but they are very open and accepting of each other as they find themselves. The girls who feel same-sex attraction are given a forum to express what it is like to grow up in a heteronormative world, and you get to see them deepen their relationships because of how vulnerable they are.

Where Do You Play?

You can download this game to play on any device you want whether it be a PC or a Mac. You can run the game with or without an Internet connection, and you can progress through the game at your own pace. Each person who is trying to play this game can get it on their device so that they can see these girls take them through a whirlwind story.

What Makes This Game Special?

This game has three components that all people want to see. It has a real story that you are supporting as you are playing, it has LGBT representation, and it has a normal pace. You do not feel like you are being drugged through the story, and you will notice that this story makes you feel good even when it gets hard. The perseverance of these girls and their special love of baseball drives this game. You do not even have to love baseball because you like the girls and their stories as you play.


The game we know as Butterfly Soup cannot go unnoticed. You will find that this game is a special breath of fresh air that you need in your life, and you will feel yourself being pulled by the heartstrings by each girl in the game. You make decisions in their story, but it is a heartwarming story no matter what you do.

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