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AOC E2470SWH Review: HD Gaming Monitor

There is no doubt that you intend to get a reliable HD gaming monitor even when operating on a tight budget. AOC E2470SWH could be your ideal choice. It comes as an integration of features that work collectively in making your gaming experience impeccable.

Among the prime features that make this gaming monitor an excellent choice include:

1. Display

With a 24-Inch screen, the user is guaranteed large graphics, hence enhancing the gaming experience. The monitor also has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a resolution of 1920×1080. The features mentioned above work collectively in maintaining clear and eye-friendly images. The brightness of the monitor can be adjusted to the user’s preference.

2. Connectivity

With the ever-growing gaming technology, it is necessary to opt for a monitor that gives room for multiple connection options. AOC E2470SWH provides the user with several connectivity features. It comes with a display port, HDMI, and Audio Out port. Also, the monitor features a USB connection feature. With all the above connectivity ports, you are assured of using the monitor with assorted gaming gadgets. This is an advantage to any person who switches gaming gadgets especially those with different output cables.

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3. Ergonomics

Your comfort when using a gaming monitor greatly relies on the ergonomic features it comes with. AOC E2470SWH monitor provides the user with utmost gaming comfort, courtesy of the several ergonomic features it has. The 100×100 mm VESA wall mount gives you the option of mounting the monitor on the wall, particularly at the most strategic point. The pivot, swivel, and tilt enable you to move the monitor on either side (both tilt and pan). The height adjustment feature allows the user to position the monitor at the most comfortable height for maximum comfort when gaming. In a nutshell, the monitor has a vital ergonomic element. Hence maximum gaming comfort is assured.

4. Design

This gaming monitor has a friendly design. It is sleek and of compact size. It can, therefore, be positioned at any place in your house without compromising the available space. Also, the gaming monitor is light in nature. The process of mounting it is therefore made easy. It is also easy to move with the monitor from one place to another.

In an instance where the user prefers not to mount the monitor, there is a friendly stand that comes with the package. This means that the monitor can be placed on a gaming desk without any issue. The base of the stand is round and with a considerably large radius hence offering the maximum monitor stability.

The Downsides

Just like any other best gaming monitor, AOC E2470SWH has its own downsides. The main issue with this gaming monitor is that it comes with poor default settings. This means that the first user of the monitor will definitely have to make adjustments to meet personal preferences.


Evidently, there is a lot that AOC E2470SWH has to offer. Everything from design, to picture boost, to general display, work ideally for any user. Above all, the monitor is budget friendly hence ideal for majority gaming lovers.