Is Witchfire as violent as The Vanishing of Ethan Carter?

The last fame from The Astronauts was a first-person mystery game focused on exploration and discovery. While not an entirely puzzle based game, it was a thinking players game. One that is about exploring, solving and clue collecting. The content is dark, with murder and talking with ghosts, but this is not a shoot them up the violent type game by any means.

The newest games that are coming from The Astronauts are Witchfire. The trailer was recently released, and while the games use the same beautiful tech for creating backgrounds, scenes, and objects, it appears this new game will be a little different from the last.

Witchfire, from the developers The Astronauts

You need to remember or realise, that The Astronaut’s also made Bulletstorm and Painkiller. So, they are not entirely unaware of the idea of a first-person shooter. Actually, they are really quite good at the first-person shooter. So, as you watch the trailer for Witchfire, you realise that this might be a game that is the best of both worlds. A beautiful, sophisticated exploring first-person shooter … that has fantastic photogrammetry tech from previous games they made, and the fast pace action of Bulletstorm and Painkiller.

Gamers around the world are hoping for this!

While this game is still in development and many details are strictly protected, it is clear to see that the game will have the beautiful graphics to set the story in. But as you watch and you see the gun appear in the characters hands, you get the real feeling that whatever happens after the screen shifts to black is going to be intense and high octane. After all, this is Witchfire, not The Vanishing of Ethan Carter!

As to which game is going to be more violent… I think it is safe to say the new game Witchfire will top the violence chart. I mean it only takes a few seconds of the first trailer for The Astronauts to make it very clear that this game is played carrying a gun, and that gun is going to be used!

Graphics to match the first-person shooter!

The thing that caught my eye right away is the graphics, not often does the first-person shooter have such detail and beauty built into the graphics and scene that you are walking through. The developers have a tech that lets them scan the item in 3D and then rescale them, and texture them to be used in the game settings. This allows the game to become quite life-life and the developers have the ability to make the feeling authentic on gaming monitors as possible really.

When you are able to do that with the graphics, it is easier for the gamers to enter into the storyline really. After all, if it looks good, and plays right, it is good! And good is what we are all looking for. Witchfire from the first glimpses appears to be a game that is not just good, but has the genuine potential to be great! It is with great anticipation we wait for the next bit of information to drop from The Astronauts about Witchfire. No release date is given as yet, and more platforms are still in the works, at this time only the PC is confirmed. Like I said, the game developers are keeping this one close to the vests. Keep watching for details, Witchfire is coming!

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