PUBG Corp Announces ‘Fix PUBG’ Campaign To Improve The Battle Royale

The frame rate performance the PUBG game has been poor in the making. This has led to the massive complaints that the PUBG Corp. received over time. In fact, this problem makes the game to be fully optimised when played. The developer of the game is launching a new campaign to fix PUBG and to improve it for players. First, the game’s performance on your PC is a huge problem and the improvement fashioned by the developer may help to resolve the issue.


The South Korea-based Bluehole Studios called PUBG Corp. has made a latest announcement on Fix PUBG through its Twitter account. The initiative is going to operate just like a fine-tuned website that comes with a roadmap. This roadmap will help you discover the steps that the publishing franchise is going to tape to resolve its Fix PUBG problem. Life Issues, Bug Fix and Quality, Matchmaking, Anti-Cheat, Server Performance and Client Performance are areas that the company will improve on.

In the coming months, it is the pleasure of the Bluehole Studios to handle some important issues affecting its dream game. The process of improvement will commence in August through October. In August, PUBG plans to complete the level streaming optimisation section. By the end of October, the franchise also likes to complete everything on character optimisation in the client performance section. On the dedicated website that the company will be using, you can find a gamut of fixes and comprehensive information. With this huge plan on its way, PUBG will also be dedicated to seeing how the game plays out in reality.

The battle royale game will get a total overhaul of its entire operations. This confirms the announcement of the publishing company before the inception of the improvement process. The quality of life improvement will help to boost the nature and design of the game. Areas such as bug fixes and matchmaking have been lagging behind when playing the battle royale game. It even discourages players from advancing in the game. Performance is another strong issue that the company is struggling with when talking about the battle royale game.

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The good news is that all these problems will get a total overhaul by the developer of the game. The phrase of improvement has been a long-awaiting thing that most players want. The complaints here and there have led to the drop of enthusiasm for this game. One thing is clear – if the campaign of the company is successful, then players can expect the best. The battle royale game from Bluehole Studios will function effectively again when all the issues are resolved.

If you have been a diehard fan of the battle royal game from Bluehole Studios, then don’t give up. There is a solid plan in place to get the game functioning better than before. From August through October, fans should expect better results from the publishing company. The most important thing to do now is to keep an eye on the official page of the company for more information.

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