Quick List Of Top Features Of Updates ShwoBox App!

ShowBox is without question one of the best series, shows and movie streaming apps out there. Every movie buff must have tried this app at least once and most of them must have loved it. This is because unlike other video streaming and downloading apps available today, the ShowBox is completely free of cost and the installation and setup process is a piece of cake. So what makes ShowBox still relevant and popular even months after its first release? The answer is simple: the updates. Each update paves the way for upgrading the app and taking it to a much higher level.

Where to find ShowBox APK files and what are the updates available?

In the early stages of its inception, ShowBox released new updates almost every week. This renewal trend stopped a few months ago until ShowBox finally dropped its ShowBox APK latest version, the ShowBox 5.01. This is the newest version up to March 2018. If you are new user, then you can directly download this latest version in your phone to stream movies. If you are already using an older version, then you do not have to uninstall and reinstall the app to get it updated. You simply have to override the current version with the newer version. This installation file for the app will not be available in Google Play Store, you have to download it from any other reliable online site. The ShowBox APK file will be available for free in those sites. Just download the latest version of ShowBox available from the site and run it in your device to install the app. 

What features does the updated ShowBox app offer?

The ShowBox app allows unrestricted streaming of movies, series and television shows within the comfort zone of your own mobile phone.But most movie apps allow this, so it is necessary to know about what this particular app can offer to its users within the bounds of its free package. Let us have a look at some of the latest ShowBox app version’s features to help you decide whether you want to download and install this app or not.

  • The content is updated regularly and new shows and videos are added continuously. With this app, you will never run out of new and fresh entertainment.
  • Apart from the regular mainstream genres, this app also boast a considerable collection of Anime.
  • The resolution of the films and videos are very high. Almost all videos are available for streaming in HD quality. If you have a high model phone, then you can even go up to 1080P display quality.
  • The streaming speed is fast and there is hardly any problem of lags or buffering.
  • A wider range of films, series and shows covering a variety of genres and thereby drawing in several different types of audience.
  • More advanced search feature for quickly searching and retrieving video content from the large database.
  • Apart from the regular streaming feature, this version also allows you to download your favourite videos in the specified quality and store them in your phone. These videos can then be watched offline, again and again, without the need for any internet connection.
  • It lets you automatically uploaded subtitles when you have an OpenSubtitles account.
  • The user interface has become much more interactive and easy with this new and improved version.

Apart from this, ShowBox also boasts advantages like no subscription packages and no additional entry account creation. All the features make this app highly popular and help retain its name in the streaming apps world.